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[中] TOKIO Five Members Become Deliverymen?!

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[中] TOKIO Five Members Become Deliverymen?!


Five members of TOKIO are going to be the image character of Yamato Transport (a Transport Company of Japan) and their new CMs have been on air from February 1st.
Members will play the roles of sales drivers of delivery service, with Nagase Tomoya loading the goods to the truck, Kokubun Taichi pushing the truck with a smile, and Joushima Shigeru driving the electric bicycle with cart. In the CM you can find the unusual side of members.

"It's not about delivering to some place, but to some one." based on the slogan, TOKIO members, with the image that warm guys working refreshingly, convey the message with dynamic performance.
They are known with good relationship among members. And in the filming part, they changed opinions and discussed with each other.
They are just the right person to the character of delivery sales drivers, for whom the sense solidarity is very important.

The song "advance" is a new song written for the CM, a Rock'n roll number full of sense of scamper. And this single will be released on Feb.3rd!
All members are in charge of the vocals this time after a long absence in this single and you don't want to miss it!
In addition, their "Mata asa ga kuru/ また朝が来る" is also used as the theme song in the NHK drama "ROMES Kuukou Bougyo System / ROMES 空港防御システム", which is a medium tempo rock'n roll number with acoustic guitar and organic sound.

Whether their new image can be caught in the single? Listen to their new song!

[Johnny's] TOKIO五人变身送货司机?!





此外,他们的歌曲《Mata asa ga kuru/ また朝が来る》也同样作为NHK电视剧《ROMES机场防御系统/ROMES 空港防御システム》的主题曲。这首中速摇滚歌曲有着原声吉他和自然清新的曲风。

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