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Amuro Namie's [PAST

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Amuro Namie's [PAST<FUTURE] to Rank in Top Positions in 5 Countries!!

Amuro Namie

On Decembner 16th, Amuro Namie had been releasing her new album [PAST This status reflects in the fact that this one album had been topping the charts in 5 countries, namely Japan, Taiwas, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore.

As Amuro is very popular in Jaoan and leading a successful life as a female artists, there seem to be a number of reasons for her success in other Asian countries as well.
Especially when it comes to Hong Kong, the for the CM of "Vital Sassoon", staring the artists, which has been aired greatly, is seen as a reason for her success.
With the CM and the album release in a tie-up, a forthcoming of Amuro's success was clearly expected. One does not have to reach far to get a hand on her CD!

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