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YOSHIKI Sending out a Message to his Fans!

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YOSHIKI Sending out a Message to his Fans!

music / X JAPAN

Recently fans have been receiving messages directly from YOSHIKI.
From the beginning of this year and the respective greetings, over the thoughts on reforming X JAPAN in past and presence and forth until the future have been written by him.
We would like to introduce one of the parts to you!


From the perspective of friends, as well as from the perspective of being members of X JAPAN, there have been really quite a few things happening between TOSHI and myself. The both of us have been long time friends ever since our childhood.
For the sake of TOSHI.... For TOSHI and the fans supporting him, we need a little courage from you...because we don't want this to end in regret.

There has been little time and as it is passing quickly, and if I could support him from here...
My thoughts of him have not changed like that. When asking why, because I, TOSHI and HIDE and the other members...and all the fans, we have come this far!

Neither for TOSHI nor for me the road we chose to take from here, will be a solely happy one, however, we will add to each others strength and give our very best, I think!


This has been one of the moments, conveyed to the fans of X JAPAN and apart from that, the new beginning of TOSHI has been written down in various ways for the fans. More will certainly be learned on February 24th on which he will hold his "Farewell Concert" - his good bye to his own solo career...

YOSHIKI Moved Greatly by Request of TOSHI to Produce his Final Solo Concert!
X JAPAN to Conquer the West as a Band of 6 and YOSHIKI Moved Deeply.
Concert Held to Mourn Death of Higuchi Munetaka