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[中] New Years present from SuG!!

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[中] New Years present from SuG!!

release / SuG

As reported before, the new ending theme of the TV Anime „HITMAN REBORN" will be SuG's new Single "gr8 story". It will certainly be a gr8 start from today on! As a special campaign in advance of this release, the song is available as download for mobile phones from January 6th. Moreover, there are an over all of 9 versions of the download also featuring voice messages from the members. For everyone downloading the song between January 6th and January 27th, there will be a special Live Photo presents on top as well!

Certainly something that can be considered as a special New Years present!

[发行] SuG带来的新年礼物!!

翻译: Yan.M

如早前的报道, 电视动画„HITMAN REBORN"的最新片尾曲将是SuG的新单曲"gr8 story". 这毫无疑问从今天起将是个伟大的开始(注: gr8念great)! 作为发售前的特别活动, 从1月6号起, 大家可以率先通过手机下载这首歌. 此外, 下载一共有9个版本, 包括成员们原声的语音信息. 如果在1月6日至27日期间下载, 你将获得一张特别的演唱会照片作为礼物!!


There are also Members comments available on our musicJAPANplus channel on Youtube!! Check them out!
各个队员的留言都上传到musicJAPANplus的Youtube频道咯!! 快来看一下t!