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Matsuri Idol Unit FES☆TIVE covers old hit by Yoshi Ikuzo

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Matsuri Idol Unit FES☆TIVE covers old hit by Yoshi Ikuzo

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Matsuri-themed idol unit FES☆TIVE has seen some great breakthroughs in 2016; their third single Go Zipang reached number ten on the Oricon Weekly Ranking, they released their first album Wasshoi Record and performed at Idol Fest. Now the tornado of matsuri spirit is covering their label sempai Yoshi Ikuzo's "Ora Tokyo Sa Ikuda".

FES☆TIVE's cover was released on November 25th on Recochoku and iTunes. The original track by Yoshi Ikuzo was released on the same date November 25th back in 1984. It is also worth noting that each of the FES☆TIVE group members (excluding Honami Yokoi) poses for a parody jacket photo on Recochoku. FES☆TIVE's next single will be released on February 22nd (Wed) 2017r. FES☆TIVE is certainly a force to be reckoned with!

Comment from Yuna Sakamoto of FES☆TIVE:
I had heard my dad sing Yoshi Ikuzo's "Tokyo Sa Ikuda" at karaoke, so it was such an honor to cover a song that I knew, and my parents were also very happy! The country drawl lyrics were a bit challenging, but because we knew the song, the recording process went more smoothly than expected. Just as our sempai at Tokuma Japan Communications created a timeless song, we want people to listen to our FES☆TIVE cover in years to come. We have preserved some of the country twang, weaved with a more modern sound, and are working on dance moves to be performed at live shows. We hope our fans will join in!

"Ora Tokyo Sa Ikuda"
2017/02/22 Release!

To be released in 3 different versions!
All versions feature different CD cover art, and the third track will vary.

FES☆TIVE Official Site