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[中] 'BANDAGE' Reservation Tickets Disappear?

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[中] 'BANDAGE' Reservation Tickets Disappear?

BANDAGE / movie / Johnny's

From November 21st the reservation tickets for the film 'BANDAGE' went on sale. KAT-TUN member Akanishi plays his first lead role in the movie, and all 70,000 tickets sold out during the same day. According to the film's distributor Toho this was the most successful initial sales in company history. Although they had anticipated that the movie's popularity will be on par with other hit movies such as the 2008 '花より男子ファイナル / Hana yori Dango [Boys Over Flowers] Final' and 2009's 'ROOKIES -卒業- [sotsugyo]', many theaters still ran out of tickets. They are currently printing extra tickets around the clock so that they will available by early December.

Upon hearing the news, Akanishi said "I'm really glad. Thank you so much. Please enjoy watching LANDS [the band fronted by Akanishi's character] in the film!" The director Kobayashi was also pleased. "A friend of mine emailed me that in a number of theaters all the tickets have sold out. I'm genuinely happy to hear the film 'BANDAGE' and the title theme song become so famous at such an early stage."

'BANDAGE' takes place in the 1990s when rock bands were very popular in Japan. Natsu (Akanishi) is the vocalist of the rock band LANDS, who eventually meets high school student Asako (Kitano Kie [pronounced 'Key']). The story revolves around the changing relationship between Natsu and Asako as LANDS gradually gains fame. It also shows the friendship and discord among the band members, and how the band begins to be engulfed into the 'cynical world of grownups' epitomized by the music director (producer).

[movie] 《BANDAGE》预售票供不应求?

11月21日起,电影《BANDAGE》的门票开始正式开始出售。这是KAT-TUN成员赤西仁的首次主演的电影,而近7万张门票在第一天就销售一空。根据电影发行方东宝公司宣称,这是公司历史上以来最成功的首日销售。虽然他们预计电影的人气度将会和2008年的另一部人气作品《花样男子FINAL/花より男子ファイナル / Hana yori Dango [Boys Over Flowers] Final》以及2009年的《ROOKIES -卒業- [sotsugyo]》不相上下,但是大部分电影院已然连门票都已经卖完,而不得不紧急昼夜加印门票,以便能够赶上12月上旬的预订。



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