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Concert Held to Mourn Death of Higuchi Munetaka

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Concert Held to Mourn Death of Higuchi Munetaka

event / DUSTAR-3 / LOUDNESS / Janne Da Arc / X JAPAN

 It has nearly been a year since LOUDNESS drummer Higuchi Munetaka passed away on November 30th 2008. Quite a few drummers, such as X JAPAN member YOSHIKI, cite Higuchi as their inspiration. He had a great influence on many artists, and the shock of his death and extent of his impact could still be felt months after his death. The first year anniversary concert was held to pass on his spirit to younger generations and beyond.
 All the musicians who guest-starred in the event had been close to Higuchi. They included: Inoue Shunji (LAZY), Okuda Tamio, Kageyama Hironobu (LAZY), Sawada Taiji, Suganuma Kozo, HIMAWARI (DUSTAR-3), shuji (Janne Da Arc), and Shinya. The show started 40 minutes behind schedule, but as soon as the curtains parted cheers erupted from the crowd. The 5 guest drummers started a drum session, and the video screen onstage showed footage of Higuchi. Although Higuchi wasn't physically there, everyone seemed to be awed by the ferociousness that could be felt from the video. The artists who had gathered that day said, "We hope we can make this an annual event!" The audience applauded and roared approvingly. No doubt the fans will enjoy seeing Higuchi 'perform' again next year.

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