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[中] Hey! Say! JUMP Yamada to Play Lead Role in TV Drama Series!

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[中] Hey! Say! JUMP Yamada to Play Lead Role in TV Drama Series!

TV series / Johnny's

On October 17th it was announced that Hey! Say! JUMP member Yamada Ryosuke will play his first lead role in the upcoming drama series '左目探偵EYE / Hidari-me Tantei EYE [lit. 'Left-eyed Detective EYE']' to be broadcast from January next year. It is the sequel to the special drama with the same title that was broadcast in October. Yamada as the lead actor will become the 'leader' of the drama production. Fellow Johnny's member Yokoyama You of KANJANI∞ will make a comeback and support the young 'leader'.

In 2008 Yamada along with the Hey! Say! JUMP members Nakajima Yuto, Chinen Yuri and Arioka Daiki became the lead actors in the drama series 'スクラップ・ティーチャー~教師再生~ / Scrap Teacher~Kyoshi Saisei~'. So with '左目探偵EYE / Hidari-me Tantei EYE' Yamada will be the first Hey! Say! JUMP member to play a lead role in a drama series on his own.

Plans emerged for '左目探偵EYE / Hidari-me Tantei EYE' to become a drama series after the TV station received many requests for a sequel from viewers who had seen the two hour special drama. The story will continue from where the first drama ended. It will portray an epic battle fought between two brothers. The younger brother, Tanaka Ainosuke (Yamada), is a middle school student who begins to see strange things after surgery was performed on his left cornea. The older brother Tanaka Yumeto (Yokoyama) is a 'crime planner', a leader of a criminal organization.

Yamada said he had been very happy when he first had heard that '左目探偵EYE / Hidari-me Tantei EYE' will be 'promoted' to a multi-episode series. "I'm really excited to have another chance to become Ainosuke in a drama series." Filming will start in mid-December. He made a pledge as the 'leader'. "I'll like to work hand in hand with the other cast members, and help create a lively environment." During the end of this year and the beginning of next year Yamada as part of Hey! Say! JUMP will hold a series of concerts. He is set to lavishly celebrate the New Year with both music and drama.

[drama] Hey! Say! JUMP山田凉介揭秘《左目侦探EYE》!

10月17日Hey! Say! JUMP成员山田凉介宣布将主演电视剧《左目侦探EYE/左目探偵EYE》,电视剧将于明年1月开始播出。现在关于这条新闻又有了后续。山田凉介作为主演也同时将在电视剧制作中担任"队长"。杰尼斯事务所KANJANI∞关8成员横山裕将辅助这位年轻的"队长"。

2008年山田凉介曾和Hey! Say! JUMP其他成员中岛裕翔、知念侑李和有冈大贵主演了电视剧《スクラップ・ティーチャー~教師再生~ / Scrap Teacher~Kyoshi Saisei~》。因此《左目侦探EYE》将是山田凉介第一次单独作为Hey! Say! JUMP的成员主演电视剧。


山田凉介说他第一次听说《左目侦探EYE》将以不同系列来推广时非常高兴:"我很高兴再次出演爱之助。"12月中旬他们将开始拍摄,他作为"队长"许下了誓言:"我会和其他演出者携手共进,一起创造一个充满活力的环境。"在年底年初时,山田凉介还将作为Hey! Say! JUMP的成员之一举办一系列的演唱会。他将同时以音乐和电视剧来庆祝新的一年的到来!

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