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DAIGO (BREAKERZ) marries actress Kitagawa Keiko

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DAIGO (BREAKERZ) marries actress Kitagawa Keiko

Kitagawa Keiko / DAIGO / BREAKERZ

DAIGO (BREAKERZ) announced on January 11th that he and actress Kitagawa Keiko have got married. He told in his blog entry that he had been planning on telling about it with his own words after the paperwork was done, and that he was very happy to be able to finally inform everyone of this happy incident in his life.

"From here on, we want to make a rock and WISH household where laughter never stops with the two of us", DAIGO, whose popular catchphrase is "WISH!", says.

DAIGO and Kitagawa Keiko also wanted to properly tell all of their fans together about their marriage, and so they held a press conference together later on 11th. During the press conference the couple said that they had originally met during a drama shooting, but the spark between them became obvious only 3 years after that, when they met again during a variety TV-show.

We hope the two will have a happy and long marriage.

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