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A9 and Plastic Tree to hold a two-man show

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A9 and Plastic Tree to hold a two-man show

live / A9 / Plastic Tree

A9 announced in December that they would be holding a two-man show "Koumei no Yoru, Kyoushin no Utage" at Zepp Tokyo on February 11th. The second band starring the event was kept as a secret at that point, and the fans have been anxiously waiting for more information on the line-up.

Now the waiting has ended! The information of the second band was released as the year changed, and the band who will get up on the stage together with A9 on February 11th will be Plastic Tree!

Plastic Tree has just released their new album "Hakusei" on December 23rd, was invited to play at the event due to wishes of the members of A9, who deeply respect the band. After the announcement of the two-man show the internet was left speculating about the second act, but this combination was sure something not many could have expected!

This show will surely be something you will need to see with your own eyes, so make sure to get your ticket if you have the chance to go!


Plastic Tree

"Koumei no Yoru, Kyoushin no Utage" A9 VS Plastic Tree

[Date] 2016/02/11 (Thu)
[Venue] Zepp Tokyo
[Open/Start] 16:30 / 17:30
[Artists] A9 / Plastic Tree

A9 Official Site
Plastic Tree Official Site