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[中] GACKT Reveals Real Age!/GACKT公布了真实年龄!

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[中] GACKT Reveals Real Age!/GACKT公布了真实年龄!


The singer GACKT has finally revealed his real age. It happened during the press conference held in Tokyo for the stage production '眠狂四郎無頼控 / Nemuri Kyoshiro Burai-hikae' in which he plays the lead role for the first time. At the beginning of a video segment introducing the outline of the project, his age was given as 'to turn 37 years old in 2010'. Afterwards during the Q&A session reporters asked if it was the first time GACKT told how old he was. He smiled wryly while replying "A long while ago at a concert, on a whim I said I was born in 1540. Somehow that became my official year of birth. Since then I couldn't find an opportunity to correct it. I wasn't keeping my age a secret or anything."

As the main character Nemuri Kyoshiro of the 'Nemuri Kyoshiro' series GACKT will appear in various media. The stage production written by Koyama Kundo is the first in line of the 'NEMURI×GACKT PROJECT'. After the theater version of 'Nemuri Kyoshiro', the combined character 'NEMURI×GACKT' will be featured in manga, anime, video-games and film.

From summer GACKT has been in the process of losing 10 kilos for his role. "Up until the summer I had been building up my body in order to stay healthy during the tour. But I've put on too much muscle for my role, so I've since shed 5 kilos. I'm trying to lose 5 more kilos to make a body sharp as steel, one that will hurt you if you touch. Just like a swordsman [Nemuri Kyoshiro is a master with katana]."

[音乐] GACKT公布了真实年龄!

翻译: Yan.M

歌手GACKT终于公布了他的真实年龄. 这是在他将首次主演的舞台剧"眠狂四郎无赖控"的东京新闻发布会上公开的. 在这个舞台企划的介绍短片的开头, 写着"2010年满37岁"的字样. 其后在提问环节, 记者问这是不是他第一次公开自己的年龄. 他笑着说"很久以前的一次演唱会上, 我搞怪地说自己是1540年生的. 不知道为什么就变成了我的官方年龄了. 这之后我一直找不到机会纠正它. 我并不是故意让自己的年龄成迷的."

作为"眠狂四郎"系列的主角, GACKT将会登上各大媒体. 本剧脚本由小山薰堂负责, 并作为"NEMURI×GACKT 企划"的第一弹. 在"眠狂四郎"剧场版之后, 这个"NEMURI×GACKT"的角色将被改编成漫画, 动画, 视频游戏和电影.

GACKT从夏天就开始为了饰演这个角色而瘦身10公斤. "一直到夏天我都在为了舞台巡演期间能保持健康的身体状态而健身. 但我练了太多肌肉了, 所以那之后又减掉了5公斤. 而且我要多减5公斤去练就钢铁般的身材, 让人一碰就会受伤的身材. 就像一个剑客. (眠狂四郎是一位带刀的武士) "

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