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[中] the GazettE Go Wild at Visual-kei Festival!

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[中] the GazettE Go Wild at Visual-kei Festival!

Versailles / GazettE, the

The 'V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09' was held on October 24th and 25th at Makuhari Messe. Over 50 visual-kei artists gathered.

the GazettE, which had just released their new single 'BEFORE I DECAY', appeared as the headlining band and passionately performed 13 songs. Even from before they had appeared, fans had been very excited and had continued to call out the members' names. The moment the band started playing the audience shook their heads and cheered. Some fans fainted during their performance. The vocalist Ruki taunted the crowd. "We're going to end this with some big fireworks. Go wild!" the GazettE went on a rampage while Ruki shouted "Don't think! Let it all out!" The band also performed an unscheduled encore. Like Ruki said, they finished the event with a big bang.

Versailles performed for the first time in public after the death of bassist Jasmine You in August. The four members appeared on stage with Jasmine You's favorite bass. While gazing at the bass, vocalist KAMIJO told fans how fortunate he felt about participating in the event. "This is our first performance in a large scale event since our major debut in June. We're thankful for being able to play here. I'm sure Jasmine You in heaven feels the same way."

[event]the GazettE Visual-kei Festivalhigh翻天


'V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09'与10月24日和25日在日本会议中心举办。超过50个视觉系艺人集结前来。

刚发行了新单曲"BEFORE I DECAY"的The GazettE,作为压轴的乐队出现,激越的表演了13首歌。早在乐队上场之前,fans已经非常激动地一直大喊成员们的名字。乐队一开始表演,观众们就摇摆他们的头并且大声呼喊。一些fans在他们表演中途昏厥过去。主唱Ruki与聚集的人群开着玩笑。"我们将用盛大的烟火来结束这次演出。High起来吧!"当Ruki叫着"不要想!全力释放吧!"时the GazettE继续狂暴叫闹。乐队也表演了一段计划外的安可。就像Ruki说的,他们以一个大爆炸谢幕。

在贝斯手Jasmine You于8月份去世后,这是Versailles的第一次公开演出。4位成员带着Jasmine You最喜欢的贝斯出现在舞台上。主唱KAMIJO凝望着贝斯,告诉fans他对参加这次event感到非常荣幸。"这是我们6月major以后的第一个大规模的演出。感谢给我们在这里表演的机会。我相信在天堂的Jasmine You也是这么想的。"

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