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ViViD Member Reno Shares his Thoughts/ViViD成员零乃分享他的想法

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ViViD Member Reno Shares his Thoughts/ViViD成员零乃分享他的想法

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In a recent blog entry, ViViD member Reno talked about his views on life and his career.

Reno "People all live their own lives, and for each life they're the main character. People view the world subjectively, and generally think that the world revolves around them. Everyone feels that way, and each one's way of thinking is different. That goes for no matter what sort of lives they're leading, and regardless of their jobs and occupations. Nobody in the world has the same views, but still we are able to share and sometimes agree with them. We are capable of learning from other people's experiences and ideas.
I've come to the conclusion that it's no use to just concentrate on practicing the guitar all day inside. It's better to go outside every now and then. Go out, then discuss and adopt different views.
After talking out in the open, go back into your house. That's when I start playing the guitar while contemplating deeply and seriously about my career and life. It's important to talk with friends, and people who are both younger and older than you. You might find a completely different self. You've only got one life to live. People who can happily enjoy life win. I'm trying to do that, but first you must work hard everyday. By taking small steps each day that will eventually lead you to become more confident.
I'm starting to ramble a bit. What I'm trying to say is I'll make all of you happy. That's all."

The thoughts mentioned by Reno must be tightly woven into the band's music.






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