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YOSHIKI Sheds Tears over Movie "ATOM"

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YOSHIKI Sheds Tears over Movie "ATOM"

movie / X JAPAN

The manga masterpiece '鉄腕アトム / Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy)' by Tezuka Osamu was adapted into a full-length CGI film titled 'ATOM'. The movie has begun to be shown in Japan from October 10th, and from the 23rd it can be viewed all over the US. Before the film's release a premiere event was held in Los Angeles on the 19th (local time). Actor Yakusho Koji, who did the voice-overs for Doctor Tenma in the Japanese version, appeared at the event alongside supervisor and promotional campaign producer Tezuka Makoto and 'ghost' music producer YOSHIKI of X JAPAN.

YOSHIKI had been chosen to become the music producer for the movie, but he had to step down to undergo neck surgery. He talked about how important the original manga had been to him. "It was very unfortunate that I had to leave the project. When I was a child, I grew up watching '鉄腕アトム / Tetsuwan Atom' on TV. So I'm very happy to see 'ATOM' being shown here in the US. I couldn't help crying [while watching film]."

'ATOM' will be distributed in 60 different countries/territories including Japan. In the States it will be shown in 3000 theaters nationwide.

For info on YOSHIKI and X JAPAN take a look here.