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AN CAFE's New Cover Jacket Released!

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AN CAFE's New Cover Jacket Released!

release / AN CAFE

AN CAFE will be releasing their major debut single "Sennen DIVE!!!!!" on August 26th. And finally, their cover jacket photo has been shown to the public.

Their are eight versions for the photos. Each photo expresses the most of AN CAFE's attractiveness together with the image of this song. It is fresh, sparkling, splashes in the photos.
In their first limited version, the cover jacket is a deformed illustration of the members diving into the sky in their car with their face photos. Something fun. In the Musing version, it is not illustrated but a real photo, exactly the same situation as the first limited version. In the Original Edition A, it is a fresh looking photo of the members. The individual photo is interesting because when you have all 5 photos placed together in on one line, they become one big photo.

■Release information
AN CAFE Major debut single "Sennen DIVE!!!!!"
2015.08.26 Release

【Limited Edition】CD+DVD (JBCW-6001) \1,800 (taxin)
【Musing Edition】CD+DVD+A4 size Photo book (JBCF-9005) \5,400 (taxin)
【Standard Edition A】CD only (JBCW-6002) \1,000 (taxin)
【Standard Edition B】CD only ※Members individually Jacket \500 (taxin)
・Sennen DIVE!!!!!【Standard Edition B】Miku ver. (JBCW-6003)
・Sennen DIVE!!!!!【Standard Edition B】takuya ver. (JBCW-6004)
・Sennen DIVE!!!!!【Standard Edition B】Kanon ver. (JBCW-6005)
・Sennen DIVE!!!!!【Standard Edition B】Yuki ver. (JBCW-6006)
・Sennen DIVE!!!!!【Standard Edition B】Teruki ver. (JBCW-6007)

AN CAFE Official web site