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[中] Kamenashi Kazuya Nearing Best "Jeanist" Hall of Fame!

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[中] Kamenashi Kazuya Nearing Best "Jeanist" Hall of Fame!


The 26th 'Best Jeanist Award 2009' was held, and the celebrities considered as the best dressers of jeans for this year were announced. This year fans voted for KAT-TUN member Kamenashi Kazuya in the men's category, and singer Koda Kumi became No.1 among women. It was the fourth time in four consecutive years for both celebrities to triumph. If they win for the fifth time they will enter the 'Hall of Fame' with SMAP member Kimura Takuya and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, and singer Hamasaki Ayumi.
Kamenashi has been performing in the stage production 'DREAM BOYS' in Osaka. He got on a Shinkansen express train early in the morning to attend the ceremony. He seemed really pleased to have won the award. "I'll be able to proudly wear jeans during the upcoming year." Koda revealed "I've not been feeling well lately. I had a stomach ache." But she then continued buoyantly, "I'm okay now. If I could join the ranks of the big name celebrities [in the Hall of Fame], I'll quit showbiz anytime."
The Best Jeanist Committee chose among others artist group SPEED and singer DAIGO. The awards garnered lots of media attention this year too.

[Johnny's] 龟梨和也几近最佳牛仔名人堂!

第26届"最佳牛仔奖2009/Best Jeanist Award 2009"于日前举办,而被认为今年最佳牛仔着装的名人也已宣布。今年,男士大奖花落KAT-TUN的成员龟梨和也,而女士第一名则由幸田来未获得。这是这两位连续4年获得这一称号,而如果他们获得第五次的话,他们将进入"名人堂"和SMAP成员木村拓哉,草剪刚以及滨崎步位居同列。

龟梨和也最近在大阪演出舞台剧《DREAM BOYS》。他一早坐新干线来参加颁奖典礼。他似乎对获奖很开心。"接下来一年我可以很自豪地穿牛仔服了。"而幸田来未说:"最近我都感觉不太好,我胃疼。"但是她接下来又轻松地说:"现在我已经好了。如果我可以(在名人堂里)和那些大明星们排在一起,那我随时都可以退出娱乐界。"


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