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YOSHIKI and GLAY Meet in Los Angeles!

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YOSHIKI and GLAY Meet in Los Angeles!

music / GLAY / X JAPAN

X JAPAN leader YOSHIKI, GLAY leader TAKURO and vocalist TERU met up with each other in Los Angeles for the first time in 11 years. The artists then revealed some of their most closely kept secrets.

The reunion was part of a project for a TV program called 'SONGS' broadcast by NHK on October 21st. GLAY is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. They decided to look back at their roots by visiting YOSHIKI, who produced the band's debut single 'RAIN'.
Los Angeles was a special place for the three since it was there that they recorded 'RAIN'. All three artists said their meeting each other was a 'miracle'. They were visibly excited and were ready to talk about some topics they've never revealed before. YOSHIKI said "Sometimes it's very hard to be an artist. Even after we had decided to stop performing as X JAPAN, we still couldn't breach our contract so I had to continue editing TOSHI's songs. It nearly drove me crazy." TERU talked about recording 'RAIN'. "Our very first recording in Los Angeles was the most difficult time in our career. I was so nervous I couldn't sing properly...GLAY once nearly broke up too." TAKURO added his own shocking revelation. "When we gradually started to perform independently we may have caused trouble for YOSHIKI-san. We might have offended him. I've always wanted to apologize for that, but I was too afraid to meet him." In the program they also performed 'RAIN' on TV for the first time in 15 years.

For info on the GLAY single 'RAIN' check from here.