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[中] the GazettE "BEFORE I DECAY" Board!

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[中] the GazettE "BEFORE I DECAY" Board!

GazettE, the

Currently commercial/sign boards promoting the GazettE single 'BEFORE I DECAY' are being displayed at the Tower Records store and train station in Shibuya, Tokyo.
In its initial release the single took the No.2 spot on singles charts. Now the 'BEFORE I DECAY' boards will soon be taken down! Go see them before it's too late!

The board at Tower Records is shown right above the large-size public screen, while the other one in Shibuya station is placed at the platform of the Yamanote Line, on the side where trains heading to Shinjuku and Ikebukuro stop. The boards will be displayed until October 28th. Fans can check them on their way back from V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09! Enjoy the GazettE in Shibuya and then head for home♪

[music] the GazettE 《BEFORE I DECAY》广告牌

前不久,宣传the GazettE单曲《BEFORE I DECAY》的广告版被陈列在东京涩谷的Tower Records店。

该单曲一发行便占据了周榜第二。而没过多久《BEFORE I DECAY》即将被换下,有机会的朋友应该马上去看一下!

这块在Tower Records的广告板在大屏幕的正上方,另外还有一块在开往新宿和涩谷的山手线的站台上。广告牌会被一直放到10月28日。歌迷们可以在从V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09回家的路上观赏到!在涩谷寻找the GazettE吧♪

We've recently posted a live report of the GazettE concert at Saitama Super Arena!
我们最近报道了the GazettE在琦玉Super Arena举办的演唱会!