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TOSHI to Collaborate with Pianist!

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TOSHI to Collaborate with Pianist!

live / X JAPAN

TOSHI attended the press conference for his collaborative concert with French pianist Cyprien Katsaris titled '芸術、その無限のパワー / Geijutsu, sono Mugen no Power [lit. 'The Unlimited Power of Art']'.

TOSHI told reporters his impressions of Katsaris. "He is a superb pianist. I've always wanted to work with him. It's not just because of his skills. I sense something deep within his piano-playing." They haven't decided on the songs they will play, but they will improvise during the music. Katsaris said "TOSHI will sing with his great voice. I will follow his singing and play on the fly. We'll create art at every moment."

TOSHI said "I'm quite confident about the upcoming concert. I'm going to enjoy performing."
'芸術、その無限のパワー / Geijutsu, sono Mugen no Power' will take place tomorrow on October 19th.

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