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AN CAFE makes their major debut!

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AN CAFE makes their major debut!

AN CAFE / release / live

AN CAFE made a new start in April as the first artist from the new label "White café", which belongs to Being Group. They will finally make their debut from the label this summer.

Their major debut single "千年DIVE!!!!! / Sennen DIVE!!!!!" enhances their new allure. Creators of the song are: lyrics wrote by Maki Ohguro, music composed by Tokunaga Akihito from doa, and sound producers are Hiraide Satoru and Konagawa Takahiro from CHARCOAL FILTER.

Furthermore, to commemorate their major debut, they will conduct a concert on August 5th. The title is "LIVE CAFE 2015 summer 'Yagai de NYAPPY 2'", and it is free of charge. They also announced that they will hold an event "SUMMER DIVE" at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall on September 6th. Because of those announces, the excitement of them and fans will grow more and more.

■Release information
"千年DIVE!!!!! / Sennen DIVE!!!!!"
Release date: 2015.08.26 (Wed)

[Limited Edition] (JBCW-6001) \1,800 (tax in)
M1. "Sennen DIVE!!!!!"
M2. "「Title TBD A"
"Sennen DIVE!!!!!" MUSIC VIDEO / Making of "Sennen DIVE!!!!!" / Menber's Interview

[Musing盤] (JBCF-9005) \5,400 (tax in)
CD + DVD + A4 size Photo book / Major debut Deluxe Edition
M1. "Sennen DIVE!!!!!"
M2. "「Title TBD B"
・Major debut Kekki shukai! ~Miku no Heya e youkoso~
Extra edition: Ikemen Rock star e no Michi ~Fashion Coordinate hen~

[A4 size Photo book]
・Special photo & Okinawa Off shot

※Only Sales [Music Portal site "Musing"]
PC・Smartphone http://musing.jp/artist/ancafe/
Mobile site http://musing.jp/mobile/shop/artist/ancafe/

[Standard Edition A] (JBCW-6002) \1,000 (tax in)
CD only
M1. "Sennen DIVE!!!!!"
M2. "Smile Ichiban Ii♀ ~2015 ver.~"

[Standard Edition B] \500
CD only / Member Individual Jacket photo (All 5 ver.)
Sennen DIVE!!!!! [Standard Edition B] Miku ver. (JBCW-6003)
Sennen DIVE!!!!! [Standard Edition B] takuya ver. (JBCW-6004)
Sennen DIVE!!!!! [Standard Edition B] Kanon ver. (JBCW-6005)
Sennen DIVE!!!!! [Standard Edition B] Yuki ver. (JBCW-6006)
Sennen DIVE!!!!! [Standard Edition B] Teruki ver. (JBCW-6007)

M1. "Sennen DIVE!!!!!"

Nyappy Trading card Autograph comment(Print) is on.
* 1 sheet Randomly

Trans: Chiba Miwa

AN CAFE Official web site