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Popular TV Project Makes Comeback!

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Popular TV Project Makes Comeback!

TV / Kojima Yoshio

'電波少年的懸賞生活 / Denpa Shonen-teki Kensho Seikatsu' was a popular project of the TV program '進め!電波少年 / Susume Denpa Shonen', which was a sensational hit during the 1990s. A remake of the project was broadcast on the video streaming website '第2日本テレビ;Dai-2 Nihon Television'. In the project a celebrity (usually a comedian) has to live off free items won in various prize contests. The 'scapegoat' for the comeback episode was the comedian Kojima Yoshio. Kojima was suddenly captured, blindfolded and taken to a room inside the Nihon Television broadcast station. When he was finally allowed to take off the blindfold, he was surprised to find that he was surrounded by a slew of reporters. Since he couldn't quite understand what was happening to him, he even asked them a rather rude question. "Are you really reporters?" He finally realized what was going on when he was told that he had to win a free prize being given out as part of the 'NEW Georgia [canned coffee brand] Catalog Campaign'. He was instructed to accumulate enough 'points' to apply for the prize contest. One can of coffee gave him a single point [so it was hard work to gather enough points in a limited period of time]. Kojima commented "I've always watched '電波少年 / Denpa Shonen' so I'm happy about appearing in it. But I've also heard how tough and grueling the filming could be, so to be honest I have mixed feelings about this." His ordeal was broadcast live on Dai-2 Nihon Television from October 8th 17:00 to October 10th 11:59.