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girugamesh Releases 3rd New Single of 2009!

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girugamesh Releases 3rd New Single of 2009!

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On October 7th girugamesh released their new single 'crying rain'. The following are the members' comments! First off, ShuU wrote about the single just before it was released!

ShuU "Hi everyone. Today was the first day of vocal recordings.
We also had a roundtable interview. I got to meet some people I haven't met for quite a while, and also some people we have performed events with but never had the opportunity to speak in person. Oh, and our third single of this year is just about to be released.
For this year we released three singles every two months. But before those songs, the last time we released singles was nearly three years ago. It was back when we were selling songs from our own indie label. Now we are going to cap it all off with a new album!! There's no telling what we'll do next. We're so unpredictable we sometimes even surprise ourselves.
Those releases are a continuation of our nationwide tour where we went around all 47 prefectures, so it feels like we've been running a marathon. We don't have any specific goals in mind, but we hope we can constantly do things that keep everyone off guard. Last year was a 'concert year'. This year is a 'release year'. What kind of year will it be next?"

Here's a blog entry made by Satoshi on the 7th.

Satoshi "It's a new day now. Today's the final release of our '3 singles in a row' series. 'crying rain' is out in stores now!! Applaud us!
This is our first dyed-in-the-wool ballad in ages. Enjoy immersing yourself into the world created by the song. Please let us hear your thoughts about the single!
Tomorrow we're going to have lots of interviews and photo shoots. I'm excited already!"

There's not much more left of the year 2009. But fans should keep an eye on girugamesh since they are still ready to reach new heights during this year!

For more info on girugamesh check their artist database+!