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4 Good-looking Actors Costar on TV!

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4 Good-looking Actors Costar on TV!

TV / Tsumabuki Satoshi / Miura Haruma / Eita / Oguri Shun

The heartthrobs Tsumabuki Satoshi, Oguri Shun, Eita and Miura Haruma all appeared as guests in the talk/variety show 'おしゃれイズムイケメン大集合SP / Oshareism Ikemen Daishugo Special'. The four actors had costarred in a series of TV commercials for cosmetics brand Shiseido's 'uno' [a group of cosmetics items for men], and for the TV program they wore the identical grey suits they had used in the TV ad. The actors talked about things that had happened during the filming, and recent incidents that occurred to them in private. Also, a video segment was shown in which the youngest member Miura Haruma visited a restaurant serving organic food.

In addition the four actors revealed photos of themselves while at home. Eita had taken a picture of a still to be used 'tawashi (たわし; handheld scrub brush)'. Eita's unhurried manner at times drew big laughs from both the members and the audience. That was not all. The four stars took a quiz that was said to reveal their hidden personalities. The question was as follows: 'If you had 100 roses, how many roses would you leave behind to make dried flowers?' Oguri and Miura both answered one rose, Tsumabuki three, and Eita twenty five. The quiz was a test to see how good-looking the actors thought they themselves were. The more number of flowers, the higher the answerer valued his looks. Judging from the actors' low scores, it seems that in order to become good-looking one must be modest as well.

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