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KubihuriDolls has released a New PV

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KubihuriDolls has released a New PV

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The rock band from Fukuoka, that has recently released their 1st single "金輪罪 / Konrinzai", has also uploaded in their YouTube channel a full PV for this song. The PV shows the band playing in monochrome which fits perfectly their dark image and as usual in them, they had included very easy-to-remember lyrics along with some heavy distorted guitars.

Japanese fans can buy the single in their official shop, but if you're from overseas, you can also get it in Amazon Japan and in Tower Records Online.

If you like punk-rock or just enjoy trying new & different music, don't miss to check them out!

「金輪罪 / Konrinzai」
2015/03/25 Release!

Price: 1200 yen
Track list:
1. 金輪罪 (Konrinzai)
2. 渇いた雨 (Kawaita ame)
3. 蜃気楼 (Shinkirou)

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