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Shonenki to release new single "Kokoro Monster"

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Shonenki to release new single "Kokoro Monster"

release / Shonenki

Shonenki has announced that they will be releasing their first single for year 2015 on May 27th titled "ココロモンスター / Kokoro Monster". The release was announced during the encore of their live on March 14th at Shibuya WWW.

The title of the song ("heart monster") means releasing the monster that everyone holds within their hearts, in order to become who they really wish to become.

Shonenki has ranked in to Oricon charts with every single release of theirs, so we can only look forward to see how well this one will do!

ココロモンスター / kokoro monster
Release Date: 2015/05/27

【First Press Limited Edition】(CD+DVD) / CCR-010 / ¥926+TAX
[CD] M1.ココロモンスター / kokoro monster M2.ココロモンスタ / kokoro monster ー instrumental
[DVD] ココロモンスター / kokoro monster (Music Video)

【Normal Edition A】(CD Only) / CCR-011 / ¥926+TAX
[CD] M1.ココロモンスター / kokoro monster M2.ライカランナ / raikaranna

【Normal Edition B】(CD Only) / CCR-012 / ¥926+TAX
[CD] M1.ココロモンスター / kokoro monster M2.窃盗 / settou


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