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Amuro's Journey into Space!

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Amuro's Journey into Space!

CM / Amuro Namie

Hair treatment brand Vidal Sassoon is currently conducting a PR campaign titled 'Fashion×Music×Vidal Sassoon'.
A new set of ads featuring Amuro Namie was announced. It is the fourth batch of commercials featuring Amuro. Fans once again will get to enjoy seeing a cute Amuro gracing the screens.
In the new line of commercials Amuro travels through space and visits 'Amu-London', 'Amu-Russia', and 'Amu-Los Angeles'. After enjoying her trip she returns to Earth. [The 'Lo-' and 'Ru' of the city/country names are all pronounced 'ro' in Japanese. Thus the fictional cities/countries have the name 'Amuro' included in them.]

After finishing the filming, Amuro commented about the TV ads.
"I again had a great time filming the commercials. I don't usually wear these kinds of costumes, so it was a novel experience. I especially liked the one for LA. The extra actors looked like dolls. The hairstyle and fashion resembles each different country, but it also has a 'galactic' taste to them. As usual they're very stylish and cute too. The hairstyle I did for the LA scene, where I had the hair curled a bit while adding volume, looked easy to do by myself. I think it won't be much of a chore even for people with long hair like me. The colors of the packages look adorable. The small size makes it easier to carry around in bags.
For the 'Reborn' version of the ads that promoted shampoos and hair conditioners, I never thought my hair would rise up like that by blowing air from underneath. I was impressed. During the commercial I'm situated in the middle of a glittering outer space, cosmos-like environment. My hair was waving gently, and it looked very pretty. Please check out Amuro Namie as she goes on a trip to outer space."