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PS COMPANY PRESENTS "Kougeki wa saidai no bougyo nari." event details

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PS COMPANY PRESENTS "Kougeki wa saidai no bougyo nari." event details

Yamapikarya / Hanamizakura Kouki / Tequila Tokyo / Naoki / the LOTUS / Rave / BORN / SCREW / D=OUT / ViViD / Kra

PS COMPANY is a music office that has brought many visual-kei bands, such as the GazettE, to the world. They have previously held events where the bands in their office perform (Peace & Smile Carnival) in the form of a Zepp tour (2005/12) and at Nippon Budokan (2009/01/03). This year PS COMPANY will be holding a new event at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudou.

The organizer of the event is PS COMPANY's representative Oozaki Tomomi. Oozaki has said to be bangya herself, and she is a famous company president known for her knowledge of visual-kei's charm and interesting aspects of it. That makes the event even more interesting. The title of the event is "Kougeki wa saidai no bougyou nari. (Attack is the best defense. )". To bring up the spirits of this scene that is very much liked overseas, they included their feelings of "Let's go attack the music scene with visual-kei!" to the title. The event won't just be bands playing and changing - there will be many projects during the day like a proper festival. Of course the artists will be the main part of these projects. Not just the staff, but making the performers and fans have fun together for real is a real "attack".

Artists performing at the event are Kra, ViViD, D=OUT, SCREW, BORN, Rave, the LOTUS, NAOKI, Tequila TOKYO, Hanamizakura Kouki, Yamapikarya, and the project session band that was the start of this event, "WK (White Kick)". The time table of the event will be published beforehand like a festival, and other hospitalities for visitors will be announced later on too. This event is not only about the bands, but also about the dedicated fans of all bands. Because fans are needed to make a proper visual-kei live.

PS COMPANY PRESENTS『攻撃ハ最大ノ防御ナリ。 / kougeki wa saidai no bougyo nari.』
Date: 2015/04/05 (Sun)
Place: Hibiya Yagai Ongakudou
Artists: Kra / ViViD / D=OUT / SCREW / BORN / Rave / the LOTUS / NAOKI / Tequila Tokyo / Hanamizakura Kouki / Yamapikarya / WK

Advance 6,480 yen (tax in) / Door 7,020 yen (tax in)