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ViViD to disband in April, last tour dates and final announced

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ViViD to disband in April, last tour dates and final announced


ViViD held a Niconico Live Broadcast of their live last night to celebrate the release of their new single "Thank you for all / From the beginning". During the live they announced that they would be stopping their activities as a band at their live at Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Hall on 2015/04/29.

After the sudden announcement "ViViD disband" topped Japan's trending topics on Twitter, which shows how big and sudden the announcement was. Below you can see translated versions of the members comments on their official site.

"ViViD will disband after the live on 4.29 at Pacifico Yokohama.

Thank you for all to everyone who kept supporting us
Because we made the resolution to born again after our one life as ViViD ends
From the beginning was born

I will put my life to convey the decision I made to you to make sure I won't regret anything in the way I lived as ViViD's Shin.

Betting everything I was and I am

I will keep on singing to everyone who supported us until the very last moment before the last curtains close."

"First, I would like to convey my feelings of gratitude to everyone who kept supporting us.
Thank you very much for your warm support up until now.
As ViViD, all of us 5 members will start walking on different roads from our last live on 29th April, so I would like to make it a live that connects to the future.

The announcement of disbandment makes my chest hurt when I think of all of our fans.
But I will keep on making music until the day I day, and I will keep on playing guitar with no change, and even more earnestly.
I will convey my feelings through guitar at the live.

I would be glad if you could come to see us during the limited time we have to perform as the 5 of us.

Thank you for your support until now.
And please keep on supporting us from now on too."

"I believe our "future we are aiming for" and "dream" was always ViViD.
The future we draw, music and activities we wanted to make true everytime we stopped for a moment.
But since we stopped feeling the same way, I thought it's hard to continue conveying music and continuing activities as ViViD.
We will disband after our next tour.
Having so many people listen to us, being able to play music at places I hadn't been to, being able to worry so much over music, every day was really full of happiness and like living a dream.
I'm very grateful to all of the fans who kept supporting us, to the staff, to everyone who was involved with us.
I will face you with full power until the end with all my feelings of gratitude, so that there will be no regrets and that everyone can remember that there used to be such a good band as we were.
These were warm and deep colored 6 years for me.
Thank you very much for supporting us."

"The days during these 6 years I spent in ViViD were full of happiness.
I was able to face music seriously.
I was able to experience the hardness of society and irrationality.
More than anything, I was able to grow up as a person.
The moment I thought I wanted to live playing in a band was when I quit my dream when I was a student and was feeling broken, and music saved my life.
I want to support someone's life with music, I want to give power to persons who can't get up.
I seriously thought so.
I listened to ViViD and became happy, I listened to ViViD and was saved so I started a band.
I started to hear things like that.
I'm happy that I was in ViViD just because of that.
Our songs will stay here forever.
I want us to be a band that stays loved even though we disband.
But it's not the end yet.
There are still many things I want to say.
I kept searching for words within my head for a whole day,
but my feelings keep taking over and I can't bring it together very well.
I might not appear before you anymore.
So I want to go on with ViViD with full power.
"Thank you" is a word that can be said so easily.
But it's not like that, there are more and more feelings I want to convey.
I'm not skillful so I might not be able to convey it properly,
but I would like to start conveying my feelings to everyone little by little from today.

Please keep on supporting ViViD until the very very end on 29th April.

Life changes with music.
I will prove it."
- Ivu

"I'm sorry for surprising you all with the sudden announcement.
We started talking about disbanding during spring.
We kept talking about our activities from now on with all members many many times, and ended up disbanding.
After disbandment was decided, I felt like I was lying to all of you during lives, and it was really hard.
I remembered all kinds of things during live, and was about to cry,
but I wanted to make each and every live the best, and kept doing lives wanting everyone to see the ViViD we are right now.
We are not disbanding because we are on bad terms with each other, or because we started to hate ViViD, or because of someone.
It's just that as one person, as an adult, we found the ways we need to keep walking on through ViViD.
And so that everyone could keep walking on the road we chose, the result we came to was to disband.
I believe you all are feeling very devastated and haven't really accepted it yet.
But I would be glad if you could keep on creating memories until the very end as ViViD during the short time we have left.
These 6 years I spent in ViViD were the best memories I had.
Thank you so much."
- Ko-ki


2015/02/22 Tokyo, Shibuya Public Hall
2015/02/27 Nagano, CLUB JUNK BOX
2015/03/03 Sapporo, KRAPS HALL
2015/03/05 Sendai, MACANA
2015/03/06 Takasaki, club FLEEZ
2015/03/09 Mito, LIGHT HOUSE
2015/03/12 Saitama, HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3
2015/03/16 Kanazawa, AZ
2015/03/18 Hiroshima, Namiki Junction
2015/03/21 Hakata, DRUM Be-1
2015/03/23 Kobe, VARIT.
2015/03/26 Kyoto, KYOTO MUSE
2015/03/28 Osaka, Umeda CLUB QUATTRO
2015/03/29 Nagoya, Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO

2014/04/29 Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Da-Hall
Time: OPEN 16:45 / START 17:30

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