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Special Lottery Contest to be Held!

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Special Lottery Contest to be Held!

event / GazettE, the

To celebrate the release of the GazettE new single 'BEFORE I DECAY', a special lottery contest will be held!
The lotteries will take place in Tower Records Shinjuku and Tower Records Shibuya.
Carefully read the instructions below and apply for the contest!

■Lottery Date and Time
October 6th and 7th 2009 (10:00~20:00)

■How to Apply
Purchasers of 'BEFORE I DECAY' (Limited First Edition KICM-91290, Normal Edition KICM-1290) at Tower Records Shinjuku or Shibuya will be provided with a lottery ticket (number of tickets limited). During the abovementioned lottery date and time, go to the lottery booths in either of the two stores and participate in the lottery. Lottery participants have a chance to win exclusive the GazettE merchandise.

Prize A:'BEFORE I DECAY' ad poster with the GazettE members' signatures
Prize B:Special the GazettE poster panel
Price C:'BEFORE I DECAY' ad poster (no signatures)

■Items Eligible for Lottery
'BEFORE I DECAY' Limited First Edition (KICM-91920) 1,785 yen (including tax), 'BEFORE I DECAY' Normal Edition (KICM-1290) 1,050 yen (including tax)

■Lottery Disclaimer
※The lottery will only be held during the abovementioned date and time.
※1 lottery ticket will be given for each item purchased.
※Customers who make reserve orders will also be provided with lottery tickets.
※The lottery may end prematurely if the stores run out of prizes.
※The rules and methods of the lottery contest may change under certain circumstances.
※The artists will not appear at either store.

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