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Harajuku Style Collection Featuring PS Company

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Harajuku Style Collection Featuring PS Company

Fashion / A9

Just the other day Alice Nine and the GazettE member Ruki appeared in the large scale fashion event Harajuku Style Collection. Now to commemorate the success of the event, a special project has started!

The project is titled 'Harajuku Style Collection feat. PS Company', and for a limited period of time a 'PS Company Official Shop' has opened!! It is located in the Girl's Room section on the seventh floor of the Shinjuku Marui One building. Lots of rare items are available, such as merchandise of artists belonging to [record label] PS Company. The merchandise sold there normally can only be purchased at concert tour venues! The shop has opened on September 17th and will continue until September 26th! Go and take a look around now!

But before that, read the live reports of the PS Company artists♪
Check them out from the links below!

the GazettE
Alice Nine