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[REVIEW] KubihuriDolls - KubihuriDolls Shoukougun

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[REVIEW] KubihuriDolls - KubihuriDolls Shoukougun

review / KubihuriDolls

KubihuriDolls is a band formed in 2012, in Fukuoka. Even though their activities are mainly in this city, they usually have lives in the biggest ones of the country like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto or Nagoya. It would be shallow to categorize them as simple "hard rock" since they have a lot to add to the scene. To start off, they are a trio in which the vocalist of the band is actually the drummer! They organize their own shows a couple of nights a year in an event called "Jumping Head of Night", which is already on its 6th edition. They also take a lot of care of the looks of the band. Their horror-like dark image it's like taken out from the disturbing worlds of Junji Ito, Suehiro Maruo or Kago Shintaro. So if you like high quality punk-rock and terror, you should definitely give them a try!

What I'm gonna talk about now is their 1st full album "首振人形症候群 (KubihuriDolls Shoukougun)", that was released in July of 2013. Of course, if you already got interested in them and want to skip this part, you can check the YouTube videos placed at the bottom. Let your hair down and enjoy them!
The album starts with "ティーンエイジ (Teenage)" which serves as a perfect introduction. The screams of "Teenage! Jesus! Rock'n'roll!" set the atmosphere and lift the listener spirits in just a few seconds. Coming next, "ニセモノ (Nisemono)" is one of the favorites of the fans. It starts with the bass which is closely accompanied by the electric guitar, setting the rhythm. What really got my attention in this one are the lyrics, which are easy to sing along but quite meaningful. Its chorus recites: "I don't want to be loved so I don't care if our love is a fake"."白糸 (Shiraito)", " ミナミ (Minami)" and "首輪 (Kubiwa)" are very straightforward, being "白糸" especially intense as it represents desire and ardent passion towards someone, almost in an obsessive way.

Even though their lyrics don't show any political view, they still express youthful and rebellion in their personal way. One example of this is one of their most popular songs,"鏡地獄 (Kagami Jigoku)", that shares its title with one of horror master Edogawa Rampo's most famous short stories. "赤糸 (Akaito)" is like an antithesis of the 3rd track. It's very short and can be taken as an interval or pause. Entwines softer melodies with heavier choruses. "籠の鳥 (Kago no tori)" is one of their most punkish tracks. It has the typical punk rock song structure with shouting vocals and loud drums. "嫌ダ!! (Iya da!!)" is initiated with nao's bass drum in a mid tempo that gets its peak with a very catchy refrain, perfect for liven up the live performances.

"かんちがい (Kanchigai)" are "タイムマシーン (Time Machine)" are the last of the set and quite different from the rest of the songs. They were written and composed by Johnny. They're cheerful and make nao's voice sound more relaxed and less hoarse without the screaming parts. This shows what the trio is capable of including different styles more than the punk/hard-rock mix, and considering that there are no ballads, they leave you with a pleasant aftertaste when you finish the listening. It should be noticed that since the band has only a guitarist, his part plays a central role in each composition. For that reason you should be used to hear distorted electric guitars most typical from the mid-1970s or you won't completely appreciate the sound. They also search for simplicity and don't include additional instruments in the background. In conclusion, what you hear in this record is what you'll hear in a live -the real thing.

The album is not exceedingly long (about 40 minutes) and there isn't any instrumental theme; it's quite difficult to get distracted or bored while you're listening to it. The lyrics are easy to memorize for any Japanese person or even for an overseas fan who's studying the language. The music gets so easily inside your head that is just like having the stuck song syndrome, so no doubts remain about why is called "首振人形症候群 (KubihuriDolls Syndrome)".

首振人形症候群 / KubihuriDolls Shoukougun

1.ティーンエイジ / teenage
2.ニセモノ / nisemono
3.白糸 / shiraito
4.首輪 / kubiwa
5.鏡地獄 / kagami jigoku
6.赤糸 /akaito
7.籠の鳥 / kago no tori
8.ミナミ / minami
9.嫌ダ!! / iya da!!
10.かんちがい / kanchigai
11.タイムマシーン / time machine

KubihuriDolls Official Website