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Sendai Kamotsu Announces Bankruptcy!

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Sendai Kamotsu Announces Bankruptcy!

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On September 5th Sendai Kamotsu [lit. Sendai Transport] held a secret concert!
Prior to the live performance, Sendai Kamotsu had mentioned that they would make an important announcement. What was it about?

The band members made their way on stage wearing red overalls!
They performed two songs, including their new single, and fired up the crowds gathered in Shinjuku.
After that, Chiba took hold of a mike and told fans that they will be suspending future activities. "We have an important announcement to make. After our concert in Nippon Budokan, Sendai Kamotsu will file for bankruptcy!" The audience cried out in horror at the unexpected news. But Chiba managed to make them laugh by jokingly adding "We couldn't overcome the economic downturn." After that Sendai Kamotsu continued their performance.

What will Chiba's older brother, Nightmare member YOMI think about the news!?