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ViViD Week Vol.1: Comments in English and birthdays

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ViViD Week Vol.1: Comments in English and birthdays


ViViD will be having their first overseas one-man live "ViViD TOUR 2014 Prologue to -ANTHEM- LIVE AT MEXICO CITY" on 2014/12/03 at Mexico City. We at musicJAPANplus will be following their moves before and after the live by in our new Pick Up+ Series titled "ViViD Week"! In this series we will be showing you what ViViD has been up to that week by bringing you their Tweets.

Shin 2014/11/05 05:48
I took comment all in english for Mexico
The comment will be release soon
please watch it

Shin 2014/11/05 06:10
you can't wait right!
wait with thrill!!

RENO 2014/11/04 7:32

(It was my mother's and father's birthday the other day so we ate together for the first time in long time!
Our casual talk made me feel happy!
My intention was to make them happy but instead I got power myself.
I was happy.)

RYOGA 2014/10/30 04:37

((゜ロ゜)!! I woke up. We have a LIVE today. Yesterday we had studio practice, and RENO told me he looked at my Now for the first time in long time! And he said the way I talk is too cute (°_°) That's not important isn't it! (゜ロ゜) Need to be careful! Let's have more fun than usual today)

Ivu 2014/11/03 18:20
イヴ:「 やっと使えこなせてきた
けん (ex.アンド): 「呼びましたか!?」
イヴ: 「あ、呼んでないです」

(Ivu: I finally learned how to use this [new equipment].
I gave it a name too! It's Kemper so I'll call it Ken-chan!
I will probably use it for the first time in Taiwan live
Ken (ex. And): Did you call me?!
Ivu: Ah, I didn't)

Ko-ki 2014/11/06 19:17

(I came into a cafe until the next plands I have, but it's so stylish that all customers are women and I'm the only man and I'm having hard time. I'm a total outsider. Me, a male amongst 15 stylish girls. It's hard. I'm sorry..)

27 days until ViViD Mexico one-man! Let's see again next Thurdsay!

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