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Arashi Greatest Hits Album Sells 1 Million Copies

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Arashi Greatest Hits Album Sells 1 Million Copies


On August 19th Arashi released their best hits album 'All the BEST! 1999-2009'. It has now sold over a million copies. On the August 31st edition of the Oricon Daily Albums Ranking it sold 17,000 copies, amounting to a total of 1 million and 40,000 discs. They reached the 1 million mark 13 days after the album's release. As an album released in 2009, it was the first to become a million-seller. Also, of all the works released by Arashi since their debut in November 1999, including both their albums and singles, this was their first one to sell over a million copies. The album includes all 31 of their singles, from their debut single 'A・RA・Shi' to their 26th single '明日の記憶/Crazy Moon~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~ : Asu no Kioku/Crazy Moon~Kimi wa Muteki'. [Of the 26 singles a number of them were double a-side singles, thus the discrepancy between 26 singles and 31 songs.] A new song titled '5×10' was added as the 32nd track. The lyrics were written by the Arashi members, and the song celebrates their 10th anniversary while also expressing thanks to their fans.

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