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[event] What does the ‘X' in X JAPAN Mean?

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[event] What does the ‘X' in X JAPAN Mean?


Did you know YOSHIKI and TOSHI appeared in a film concert event held in Japan? [‘Film concerts' are events where fans get together to watch video footage of their favorite artist.]
Today we are going to show some of YOSHIKI's notable comments made during the event.

“The ‘X' in X JAPAN means ‘unlimited possibilities'. YOSHIKI came up with the idea…”

YOSHIKI's appearance was a welcome surprise for the audience.
He told fans about the postponing of upcoming concerts and his recent surgery.

“Although we have to change the concerts to a later date, we're not halting activities as a band. We did some recording the other day, and I wrote a new song. We would like to release our new album and restart our tour as soon as possible. I'm working hard on my rehab right now, and we will always try to be an inspiring band. Thank you very much for coming tonight.”

YOSHIKI fielded questions from reporters. “How high are the hurdles this time?” YOSHIKI looked straight ahead and answered. “When I think about the time the band had broken up, and the deep sorrow we had felt when we had lost HIDE, the hurdles for the operation was a 100 times lower. This is nothing.”

“Unlike other times, now I have a place to go back to. I can strive towards returning to X JAPAN. If it weren't for the band, I wouldn't have had a reason to live. But now I have a place that I must reach. There were times when I was wandering blindly in the dark. Now I see a ray of light. All I have to do is keep on walking towards it.”

His smile exuded an unflinching confidence.

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