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[live] YOSHIKI Flying Over from L.A.!

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[live] YOSHIKI Flying Over from L.A.!


On August 22nd X JAPAN held a film concert titled ‘X JAPAN FILM ZIG~鈴鹿の夜~ / X JAPAN FILM ZIG ~Suzuka no Yoru~'. [A ‘film concert' is where fans get together at a live venue to watch video footage of an artist.]

YOSHIKI and TOSHI made a surprise appearance!

YOSHIKI had just undergone surgery for his cervical vertebrae (disc) hernia. He used a helicopter to get to the venue on time. “I just had to come. Well, I might be weird for flying all the way from L.A. to participate. But you guys are equally weird to come out here to watch videos.”

To his fans he promised he will eventually make a full comeback!

Yet he also announced that the Paris concert on October 10th will be postponed.

“I'm really grateful for all your support, and right now I'm concentrating on rehabilitation.” He told the crowd that the concert in Osaka which had originally been scheduled for this year will be put off until next year or later.

TOSHI, who stood beside YOSHIKI smiled and said “We had met countless challenges over the years and have been able to overcome all of them. This might be the hardest of them to endure, but we'll prevail, and continue our march as X JAPAN. So please stick around a little while longer.”

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