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[blood] What is Reita's blood type?

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[blood] What is Reita's blood type?

GazettE, the

Do you know what your blood type is?
There probably will be quite a few people who don't!
Then, do you know the GazettE member Reita's blood type?

Fellow members Ruki and Uruha answered for us.
“Reita's a ‘hollow' blood type A, and a normal blood type B.”

What does that mean!?
According to the two members, Reita is the type that stays calm in any situation and is always thinking “This will all turn out for the best.”

So that's what they mean by a ‘hollow' blood type A! [In Japan it is commonly believed that blood type affects the person's personality. A blood type A person is said to be a scrupulous type, while type B people are thought of as people who like to do things their own way and at their own pace.]
Are you the same type as Reita?

Why not take a look at the GazettE live report?
Maybe you can get to know more about Reita's personality!