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[music] What Kind of Person Is Aoi's Type?

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[music] What Kind of Person Is Aoi's Type?

GazettE, the / Kagrra,

For the final concert of their tour, the GazettE will perform at Saitama Super Arena! The concert is almost there!
Are there any fans coming over from overseas for this special occasion?
Those of you who answered ‘Yes' make sure to turn to your right after going through the exit of ‘Saitama-Shintoshin Station'!
Oh, and if you're going to use the Takasaki Line, be careful! Only local trains will stop at the station☆
Double check the information about the concert!

Now, speaking about the GazettE, have you ever wondered what sort of person the members' dream partner might be?

We just found out about Aoi's ideal type!
He straightforwardly talked about it during an interview!

Can you imagine what sort of person Aoi likes? We didn't even have a clue!
According to Aoi's own comment, it's someone ‘combining Sin and Izumi of Kagrra,.'!
(Click here to know more about Kagrra, members Sin and Izumi!)

You often hear the phrase ‘Add Person A with Person B and divide them by two' but someone simply ‘combined' sounds a bit too greedy! Having said that it's quite intriguing what sort of person Sin+Izumi will become.

Judging from the two's personalities he will probably turn out to be a very gentle person!
We wish we could ask the other the GazettE members about their types too☆
If anyone knows, quietly, secretly give us a call!