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[D-BOYS] Nakagawa Falls in Love with ‘yoshikitty'!

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[D-BOYS] Nakagawa Falls in Love with ‘yoshikitty'!

Nakagawa Shingo / X JAPAN

Today we're going to take a look at a blog written by…D-BOYS member Nakagawa Shingo!
While shrugging of the heat, he is busy filming the new ‘仮面ライダーW / Kamen Rider W [double]' series.
Just a while back he seems to have come across something interesting!
What X JAPAN fan Nakagawa found was…

“Everybody! It is the end of the world as we know it! Something seismic is happening!
The world class charismatic X JAPAN leader YOSHIKI-san has collaborated with the most famous idol of the Sanrio family [Hello] Kitty-chan!!
Its name is ‘yoshikitty'! They've fused together! Just like the special move ‘Fusion' in [the anime/manga] ‘Dragon Ball'!
They've began accepting orders for yoshikitty from today! I ordered one right away!!
X JAPAN was the first ever band I had become a fan of! Sanrio had given me the opportunity to make my stage debut! Now they're collaborating! The world's greatest, most charismatic rock ‘n' roller and the world's cutest, most charismatic cat have become one!
I think this is the miracle of a lifetime! From the bottom of my heart, I feel fortunate that I've been able to witness this stunning phenomenon!
Come hither, ♪yoshikitty♪♪”

Yes, you heard it right. YOSHIKI and Hello Kitty-chan have joined forces and have become a plush doll!
yoshikitty had also appeared at the X JAPAN concert in May!
Those of you who haven't seen it, check the live report for the picture!

Nakagawa already seems very excited about this doll!
How would he react once the doll actually reaches his house?
Let's wait and see!