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[live] Reita Gives Saga His Flyer!?

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[live] Reita Gives Saga His Flyer!?

GazettE, the / A9

The bands the GazettE and Alice Nine are currently on tour.
Both bands are renowned for putting on great live performances, and right now they are making stops all over Japan.

Speaking of the two bands, Saga (Alice Nine) claims to have met Reita (the GazettE) when the GazettE had just been formed!
Is that true…?

One day, as Saga was walking down the street he saw a peculiar group of people.
They had full makeup on, and were clad in full costumes.
Saga went near to get a better look, and then a young member of the group in turn came up to Saga and handed him a flyer!
The young man happened to be the GazettE member Reita!

According to Reita it was his first and last time in his life that he handed out pamphlets on the streets.
This means that the flyer given to Saga is a rare item!

Does Saga still have the pamphlet?
Nobody knows for sure.

Check out large-size live pictures and artist photos of the two bands!
the GazettE
Alice Nine