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Comment for Europe Tour from BORN and Lycaon just arrived!!

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Comment for Europe Tour from BORN and Lycaon just arrived!!


We have received a comment from BORN and Lycaon for the tour "BORN x Lycaon EU Tour '14 -THE RAMPAGE-".

--- What kind of live do you want to make of this tour?

Ryouga: This will be our first time in Europe. I'm already excited to see what kind of miracle we will be able to create.

Yuuki: Since this is a 2-man tour, we are of course going to deepen our friendship, but I'm also happy that we finally got the chance to show Lycaon live. We can't speak the same language, but it will be awesome if we can connect which this universal language called music. We, BORN and Lycaon, want you to enjoy the Japanese visual-kei from the other side of the world, and want to let overseas fans to get a taste of the feeling that is out of this world.

--- Please give a message to each other, as you will be going around on the tour together!

Ryouga: I was hoping to be able to have a 2-man, and to have it come true as a Europe tour... Let's have fun. Let's make more noise than usual at the backstage.

Yuuki: BORN is a band that really lives during lives. Their music, which you can't put down to a CD, is almost a weapon.

--- Please also give a message to the overseas fans looking forward to your concerts!

Ryouga: Let's make it a live that connects Japan and Europe. Please break loose.

Yuuki: We can finally meet. I believe we kept you waiting for a long time, but I will make you forget that time and the distance, we will break this boring world, so hold my hand. Fall into us, we will domesticate you. And so I will take you and your dreams.

This is the comment we received. The tickets for the tour are already on sale. Please see below for the details.

"BORN x Lycaon EU Tour '14 -THE RAMPAGE-"
9/5 Moscow - Russia @ Plan B
9/6 Helsinki - Finland @ Gloria
9/7 Munich - Germany @ Feierwerk
9/9 Wroclaw - Poland @ Firlej
9/10 Hamburg - Germany @ Knust
9/12 Cologne - Germany @ Werkstatt
9/13 Paris - France @ Divan du Monde

"BORN x Lycaon EU Tour '14 -THE RAMPAGE-" Ticket Information