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[Shibuya] Alice Nine. Wrests Control of ‘109-2'This Summer!

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[Shibuya] Alice Nine. Wrests Control of ‘109-2'This Summer!


For almost three weeks starting from August 1st to 23rd, Alice Nine. will team up with 109-2 and conduct a collaborative campaign. [‘109' is a famous department store in Shibuya frequented by young females. ‘109-2' is an offshoot of the original 109 and features a few floors that cater mainly to male customers.] Alice Nine. will appear on large ad banners outside the building, and a giant poster will be shown near the entrance!
The costumes that were used just for this campaign will be on display at the exhibition space on the first floor.
On the large public screen outside, special footage of Alice Nine. will be shown too.
Finally, special merchandise made in collaboration with various shops in 109-2 will also be sold.

Again in Shibuya there are additionally plans for an ‘ALICE IN MUSEUM' to be held for 3 days starting from August 22nd. On the last day of their campaign at 109-2, Alice Nine. will be performing the ‘UNTITLED VANDAL(ism) #Finale “Graced the Beautiful Day”' concert at Tokyo Kokusai (International) Forum Hall A, culminating their 5th anniversary.
This summer, you'll get to see Alice Nine. all over Tokyo!!

During the concert will they appear in their new costumes for the new single ‘華 / Hana'?
Before you go, check their outfits once again in our gallery section!