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ViViD to cancel tour due to drummer's injury

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ViViD to cancel tour due to drummer's injury


ViViD has announced that they will be cancelling all of their "ViViD TOUR 2014「THE PENDULUM~ALIVE~" concerts, except for the one to be held at Zepp Tokyo on 2014/06/11 (Wed).

The reason for the cancellation is of drummer, Ko-ki's wrist injury. According to the official announcement, he had been practising for the upcoming tour together with the band and alone, when he felt severe pain in his wrist. He was diagnosed with wrist ligament injury, which requires at least two weeks of rest.

Due to this, the members and staff have announced that 4 of the 5 concerts in their Zepp Tour will be cancelled. The members and staff deeply apologize for the sudden cancellation.

Ko-ki himself comments on the matter as following.

"First of all, I deeply apologize for the cancellation of this tour.
I was playing at the studio alone, and suddenly I felt pain that I had never felt before,
and I went to the hospital.
I was diagnosed with wrist ligament injury, and I was told that it would take me at least 2 weeks to become able to play the drums again.
I had had an uncomfortable feeling in my wrists since the tour in February, and I did my best to take care of them.
I feel very bad for the fact that my rehearsals, which were supposed to bring better sound to you all, ended with a result like this.
But, I believe that people who were looking forward to the tour are feeling even worse.
It hurts from the bottom of my heart when I think of that.

I'm so sorry."

- Cancelled concerts-

2014/05/23 (Fri) Zepp Fukuoka
2014/05/27 (Tue) Zepp Namba
2014/06/02 (Mon) Zepp Nagoya
2014/06/05 (Thu) Zepp Sapporo

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