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[blog] Happy Birthday! ZERO!

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[blog] Happy Birthday! ZERO!


ZERO of D'espairsRay celebrated his birthday on July 31st.
He received a lot of congrats comments in his blog.
In the same blog he gave a pledge as ZERO, and also as a member of D'espairsRay.

ZERO “Thanks.
I've been given lots of comments from everyone. I'm honestly surprised at the sheer number of comments! It's certainly the most I received in quite some time!
Now I've turned ○○ years old. It's the tenth anniversary of D'espairsRay too. No wonder I'm ○○ already.
I'm also amazed at all the Happy Birthdays I got from all over the world. From our FC [Fan Club] blog, Ameba [blog provider] blog, and MySpace. I really appreciate it.
D'espairsRay first started out with just the four of us, but now the D'espairsRay circle of friends has expanded worldwide.
It's really magnificent how the circle has grown. What's more, our circle of friends only became what it is now through our love for each other.
I think we should continue to treasure and enlarge our circle as long as we can.
I want our friendship to go on, and I also want all of us to stay together so that we can enjoy celebrating the members' birthdays and the band's anniversaries again next year, the year after, and beyond.
Thank you so much. Here's hoping our friendship continues!”

Who's wondering what numbers go into ○○?
Anyway, Happy Birthday! There's definitely going to be a lot more to come from D'espairsRay! Click here and check the latest developments of D'espairsRay!
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