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exist†trace releases new music video

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exist†trace releases new music video

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The music video for exist†trace's new single "スパイラル大作戦 / Spiral Daisakusen" has been released on YouTube. The single itself is their first release in 10 months, and will be released on 2014/05/14.

Their new release is one step different from their usual releases, the single including crazy artwork and influences from 80's dance tunes. And the music video follows the same example! Whether you were their fan or not, we advice you to check this out!

We would also like to remind you that exist†trace is currently in the middle of their 7 consecutive one mans all to be held within Tokyo once a month.
If you are planning on visiting Japan anytime this year, make sure to check the schedule below!

スパイラル大作戦 / Spiral daisakusen
Release date: 2014/05/14
Price: 1,300 yen (tax incl.)
1. スパイラル大作戦 / Spiral daisakusen
2. アンティークドール / Antique Doll
3. 夢にキスを / yume ni kisu wo

exist†trace Tokyo 7 month consecutive one man live
激情スパイラル / Gekijou Spiral

2014/05/11 (Sun) Ebisu club aim
2014/06/21 (Sat) Yotsuya LOTUS
2014/07/19 (Sat) Shimokitazawa CAVE BE
2014/08/16 (Sat) Hatsudai WALL
2014/09/21 (Sun) Kagurazaka EXPLOSION
2014/10/19 (Sun) Shinjuku ANTIKNOCK

exist†trace Official Site