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BORN's new mini album "THE STALIN -666-" review #3

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BORN's new mini album "THE STALIN -666-" review #3

CD review / BORN

排梳ノ蝶 / Haiso no chou
Lyrics: Ryoga / Music: Ray / Arrange: BORN

An heavy melody and low sounds, with Ryoga's beautiful vocals that sometimes turn in harsh growls and screams when the melody turns louder: this is "排梳ノ蝶 / Haisou no chou" a very intense and profound song that seems to involve the listener in a new world, leaving him out of breath. Indeed, the protagonist uses Ryoga's voice to welcome fans to the fetish high society's room and, describing concisely some scenes and actions, evokes an another world, so concrete that seems to be real. The deep and dense atmosphere spread by the song is perfect to captivate the listener and suits really well the concept of this songs, adding some feeling of tension to the track.

磔 / Haritsuke
Lyrics: Ryoga / Music: Ray, TOMO / Arrange: BORN

"磔 / Haritsuke" Is the most noisy song in the album, starting with harsh vocals, heavy guitar riffs and a very fast rhythm. These elements accentuate the all-English lyric's theme: a song of sufferance, sadness, loneliness and feeling that everything is just vain. And no matter how much loud are these feelings shouted, they can't reach to anyone, leaving him all alone while asking for help. But in the very end the lyrics leave the door opened to the hope: even if having a look to its lyrics it may look a simple song, it is very deep and it can really transmit the feelings it's talking about.

Lyrics: Ryoga / Music: K / Arrange: BORN

"BREAKTHROUGH" is a bonus track contained only in regular edition. It starts with a very heavy intro and chorus leaded by harsh vocals and loud guitars, but in the refrains it turns in a very positive, bright and catchy melody that you won't be able to put out of your head. This song's theme is the rebellion to the society and the hypocrisy, a feeling of anger that's well emphasized by the heavy melody of the chorus. On the other hand, if the message of the song is suited by the loud sound of the chorus, there is a great contrast with the catchy melody that characterize the refrains: it express the joy the protagonist has in breaking out the system, the society and the world.

This time too BORN hasn't betrayed the expectative of their fans, delighting them with a very interesting mini album that will be the main source for their new national tour, "BORN TOUR 2014 -THE STALIN -SECTION 1-【OSMOSIS】-" starting from June 6th: if you happen to be in Japan this summer don't miss your chance to see this great band live!

TEXT: Hitsu_ste

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