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BORN's new mini album "THE STALIN -666-" review #2

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BORN's new mini album "THE STALIN -666-" review #2

CD review / BORN

Lyrics: Ryoga / Music: K / Arrange: BORN

An outstanding bass, heavy drums and harsh guitar riffs open "SKIN", the second track in this mini album. Through keeping on with hard and powerful instrumental base that recharge energy to everyone that listen to it, the vocals aren't loud and violent as in "THE STALIN": the atmosphere in "SKIN" is a little more fresh, positive and doesn't give to the listener a feeling of insanity that was very strong in the beginning of the album. Even the madness is missing in this track, the fast rhythm in the song fits well its lyrics, and seems to accentuate the obsession and the desire for a girl that flows in the protagonist's veins.

Lyrics: Ryoga / Music: K / Arrange: BORN

"DIARY" starts with bright guitar and bass riffs, followed by Ryoga's vocals, creating a great contrast with the sad and melancholy feelings and the pain that flow lyrics: its theme is a love story that's going to end because of just one mistake the protagonist committed and puts in melody his thoughts and feelings.
When comes to refrains, at the beginning "DIARY" becomes very melodic, sounding almost like a ballad that suit Ryoga's wonderful voice, but it soon come back to rhythm that characterize the song from its intro, finishing the refrain with heavy guitar riffs and harsh growls: the musical and meaning's counterpoints makes this song very interesting and unique.

↑Human Hole↓
Music: K / Arrange: BORN

"↑Human Hole↓" is the only instrumental track in the album, and it marks its midpoint. With its heavy guitars and whispers, this song evokes a great and deep atmosphere from its very beginning, leaving speechless everyone who listens to it.

TEXT: Hitsu_ste

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