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BORN's new mini album "THE STALIN -666-" review #1

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BORN's new mini album "THE STALIN -666-" review #1

CD review / BORN

BORN, who have just held their first live in Asia by performing in Taiwan with DIV and DaizyStripper in a 3-band concert titled "HYSTERIC CIRCUS ASIA CIRCUIT vol.1", released their new mini album "THE STALIN -666-" on April 9th.

"THE STALIN -666-" is on sale in three editions, two limited and one regular. Limited Edition A and B comes both with a DVD containing "THE STALING" music clip&making and a documentary movie for their "LIVE TOUR 2014 ALL NUDE SATISFATION" respectively, while the regular edition is CD only, but contains the bonus track "BREAKTHROUGH".

Here we are going to review this great mini album, long awaited by all BORN's fans; are you ready to enter the new world BORN created with this new piece of work?

Lyrics: Ryoga / Music: K / Arrange: BORN

"THE STALIN" gives a powerful start to the album: loud growls and heavy guitar riffs welcomes the fans entering "THE STALIN -666-"'s world. The harsh and severe atmosphere created by the music suits well the lyrics, mostly in English, that paints a mad and dark world where the protagonist, that defines himself as "a STALIN", lets his insanity flow out from him.
As typical from BORN, the song combines heavy chorus with melodic and catchy refrain, creating a contrast not only between these two different music styles, but also with the dark and insane lyrics: this is one of the elements that makes their music so unique.

TEXT: Hitsu_ste

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