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Guitarist Kazuki to leave Royz

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Guitarist Kazuki to leave Royz


Royz has announced that their guitarist Kazuki will be leaving the band due to situation with his family after their live on 2014/06/11 at Akasaka BLITZ. The band will continue their activities with 4 members after this live.

The band says that they, together with staff, discussed over this matter many times and came to the conqlusion that they will respect the road Kazuki decides to take, as long as it is chosen by himself. They also express their wish for everyone to understand that this was a hard decision for Kazuki to make.

Kazuki himself comments the matter as following.

"I, Royz's Kazuki will leave Royz.
This is a very sudden announcement, so I feel very sorry for all the fans who have supported me until now, for the staff, for fellow bands and more than anything, for the members.

We got an idea with Tomoya, with whom I was together in my previous band,
then met Koudai and Subaru through mixi and started Royz, and then met Kuina, and with these 5 members we have been together for 5 years.

Up until now I have been able to meet many persons, to be supported by many persons, and experience many good and bad things.
Every day I believed in the power of music, and through my guitar as a member of Royz, I kept creating music and doing lives in order to create music that would be by someone's side all the time.
And I believed that days like these would go on from now on too.

During these days, I heard about my mother's illness. It's a serious disease that can't be healed.
And since it is getting hard for my father to stay together with her, she had panic attacks whenever getting in touch with anyone who isn't a family member, and through that stress her disease got even worse.
I am the only son, and knowing that I decided that it would be hard for me to continue my activities in the band the same way.
I feel mortified for having to leave the band I have kept going on in with everyone with the dreams I had before we started as my goal, and a part of me still can't accept this.

But my family is very important for me, and I have no doubts.
When I think of putting an end to something I've kept doing for 5 years, think of the time spent with everyone who kept supporting me, think of the band I loved from the bottom of my heart, I feel so, so bad I can't take it.
When I look back to the 5 years spent in Royz, there has been so many things, the time spent was so important, and I was also able to grow a lot as a person.

All of the fans who kept supporting me, the people in Osaka who raised me and kept pushing my back,
members of Kiryu who always kept guiding and loving the inexperienced me who had just came to Tokyo,
Kodomodragon, company president, artist office staff, all of our staff, band people who spent time together with me as friends, members who were always together with me, I'm thankful to everyone.

I will give all that I have to each of the 6 lives that we have left until the live on 6/11 that will be my last.
Please keep supporting me until the end.
Also, I hope that you will keep on supporting the Royz from now on, the 4 members who made the decision to keep going on with just the 4 of them even though they will be facing a hard situation because of me, even more than you have up until now.

Royz Kazuki"

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