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[book] The Truths Revealed in 'YOSHIKI/佳樹'

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[book] The Truths Revealed in 'YOSHIKI/佳樹'


YOSHIKI's memoir went on sale on May 25th 2009.
YOSHIKI wrote about his friendship with TOSHI, about HIDE, and also the death of his beloved father.
From when X JAPAN first formed till when it broke up, nothing was left out.

On the day HIDE passed away, what thoughts had crossed his mind as he went to visit him?
He also talked about his reunion with TAIJI, who had quitted X JAPAN before HIDE's death, and whose whereabouts had been unknown.
Everything about YOSHIKI is bound into the book.

During the same month of the book release X JAPAN held their 2 day concerts at Tokyo Dome. SUGIZO performed live for the first time after becoming an official X JAPAN member. musicJAPANplus posted a full live report of those two concerts.
How was YOSHIKI feeling on May 2nd as he walked onto the stage?
The answers may lie hidden in the live report.